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The Awards are based on nominations and voting carried out by a Committee of 40 market participants from different segments, which include members from the 8 largest securities firms in Greece, the 8 largest mutual fund management companies in Greece, 10 financial journalists, 8 foreign institutional investors and analysts, and 6 personalities specializing in the Corporate Social Responsibility.

The collection and evaluation of the Nominating Committee is guaranteed by the international well known audit firm DELOITTE in conjunction with the Law Office Tsibanoulis & Partners in order to ensure the transparency of the procedure.

FTSE, the Athens Exchange, the Association of Greek Institutional Investors, the Union of Listed Companies, the Hellenic Bank Association, the Association of Athens Stock Exchange Members, the Hellenic Association of Certified Stockmarket Analysts, the Invest in Greece Agency, the Internet Investors Association (SED), SEDYKA the Hellenic Bankers Association - UK and Capital Link are not part of the Committee and they have no involvement with the nominations and voting.

The Awards reflect the nominations and voting by the Committee Members, as described.


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